The following papers have been accepted to conferences for the present summer:

  • Gradient fusion operators for image processing, authored by C. Lopez-Molina, J. Montero, H. Bustince and B. De Baets; Accepted at Eusflat 2017
  • Fuzzy edge detection on hyperspectral images using Upper and Lower operators, authored by A. Lopez-Maestresalas, C. Lopez-Molina, C. Perez-Roncal, S. Arazuri, H. Bustince and C. Jarén; Accepted at Eusflat 2017
  • Hyperspectrum comparison using similarity measures, authord by C. Lopez-Molina, C. Marco-Detchart, H. Bustince, J. Fernandez, A. Lopez-Maestresalas and D. Ayala-Martini; Accepted at IFSA-SCIS 2017
  • Scale-Space defined from Image Fuzzy Sharpening, authored by N. Madrid and C. Lopez-Molina; Accepted at IFSA-SCIS 2017.