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Relevant papers and tech reports

Paper accepted in Soft Computing

Our paper on fuzzy set theory-inspired operators for hiperspectral imagery has been accepted at Springer’s Soft Computing. The title is Hyperspectral imaging using notions from Type-2 Fuzzy Sets, and has been co-authored by Profs. Lopez-Maestresalas, De Miguel,...

Paper accepted at Information Fusion

Our paper on gradient fusion operators has been accepted at Elsevier’s Information Fusion. The title is Self-adapting weighted operators for multiscale gradient fusion, and has been co-authored by Profs. Lopez-Molina (UPNa), Montero (UCM), Bustince (UPNa) and De...

New paper accepted by ICCV 2017

Our new paper has been accepted by the IEEE International Conference on Computer Vision  (ICCV 2017). Gang Wang, Carlos Lopez-Molina, and Bernard De Baets. Blob Reconstruction Using Unilateral Second Order Gaussian Kernels With Application to High-ISO Long-Exposure...

New papers published at EUSFLAT 2017

The following paper has been published at the Conference of the European Society for Fuzzy Logic and Technology (EUSFLAT 2017): Gang Wang and Bernard De Baets. “Edge Detection Based on the Fusion of Multiscale Anisotropic Edge Strength...

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